Can the Big Ten Swing an Election, Part II

Kevin Warren… Pepe Silvia… Pepe Silvia… Kevin Warren.  It’s always sunny in Philadelphia but it damn sure is raining in B1G Country.  The tin foil hats are on and it is time to free fall into the abys that is the Coronavirus rabbit hole.

In early summer Yahoo! Sports published an article on Kevin Warren’s directive to “swing the election” and after the 3 week debacle we have all witnessed by the Commissioner and B1G presidents it’s time to see how this initiative is going.

From Pete Thamel’s article on June 15, 2020:

“First-year Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren has made it a priority that the conference’s nearly 10,000 athletes will have a say in that election. Warren is in just his fifth month in charge of the 14-member league, and he has made it clear with his early actions that social change will be among the league’s priorities. The Big Ten announced a league-wide voter registration initiative on Monday, which will include non-partisan education and a deeper understanding of registration, voting and voter suppression.”

This initiative in and of itself should not be argued as anything but positive… and telling.  Five months into the job, amidst a national pandemic like nothing we have ever witnessed, Kevin Warren’s initiative was about… voting?  Seems like strange priorities for the head duck of one of the most powerful conferences in all of athletics.  Plan for the coronavirus?  Guidelines and regulations for player safety to execute a safe season?  Nah… pass out “Get Out and Vote” stickers!

Why?  Why would Kevin Warren and university presidents allow politics to influence decisions around sports?  Let’s not go full on Mel Gibson from 1997, there are several other influences that swayed this decision, but we are going to dive into this theory and see if Facebook starts listening to our Alexas.

There are six swing states in B1G country.  Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota.  In 2012, Barrack Obama won all six… in 2016, Trump took all but one of the sextet.  The literal key to the presidency is right here in the Midwest.  The political influence on playing sports this fall are undeniable.  Looking at all six swing states paints quite a vivid picture of partisanship when it comes to high school sports and cancel culture.  80 Electoral Collage Delegates on the line… and football is the weapon to steal them from the Orange Man!

Ohio – 18 Delegates
Governor: Mike DeWine (Republican)
President:  Kristina Johnson (
High School FB: YES
B1G Vote:  YES

Michigan – 16 Delegates
Governor:  Gretchen Whitmer (Democrat)
UM President: Mark Schlissel (
MSU President: Samuel Stanley (
High School FB: NO
B1G Vote:  NO

Iowa – 6 Delegates
Governor: Kim Reynolds (Republican)
President: Bruce Harreld (
High School FB: YES
B1G Vote:  YES

Wisconsin – 10 Delegates
Governor: Tony Evers (Democrat)
President: Rebecca Blank (
High School FB: MIXED
B1G Vote:  NO

Pennsylvania – 20 Delegates
Governor: Tom Wolf (Democrat)
President: Eric J. Barron (
High School FB: MIXED (Strongly recommended to 2021)
B1G Vote:  NO

Minnesota – 10 Delegates
Governor: Tom Walz (Democrat)
President: Joan Gabel (
High School FB: NO
B1G Vote:  NO

Six States.  Two Republican Governors playing football this fall.  Four Democrats not playing or strongly recommending not playing.  That is just a microcosm of the national breakdown, just google it.  As deranged as this all sounds, it is fitting.  That is the leadership in government and the B1G outlined, now for the narrative communicators.  The voices filling our ears with an ulterior motive in synchronized unison.

It is no secret there are dozens of “sports media” who are loving the clickbait fear mongering that cancelling this season provides for advertising.  Sigh.  It is exhausting.  This mismanagement by Kevin Warren on the public relations front is nuclear.  So embarrassing that it seems he has hired someone else to handle it for him!  What is his job again?  Enter Carrie Gerlach Cecil.

Even AFTER she got called out for her clear political bias, one thing is evident solely based on her “Liked Tweets.”  She is in the Pat Forde, Dan Wetzel, Pete Thamel, Bert McDouchey and Nicole Auerbach camp.  In fact, it seems we have found Nicole Auerbach’s “source” for all things cancel culture!

Thank God.  Our savior has arrived.  Public Relations in the B1G is saved.

Newsflash Commissioner Warren:  The only positive PR at this point is to HAVE A SEASON LIKE THE SOUTH.

At this point, denying the political influence in this decision is sheer ignorance.  The football fields in democratic states will be green and empty while the republican fields will be worn from teenagers playing the game they love.  Joe Biden is blaming Trumps handling of the virus:

Donald Trump is trying to be the hero we all want but some hate:

The only undeniable thing here is the fact that the players, player families, coaches, athletic directors and fans ALL want to play… and it won’t happen because of a fight between a Donkey and an Elephant.  A babbling buffoon and an orange narcissist.  Liberals blame Trump.  Trump blames liberals.  We get no football.  What a time to be alive!

The good news is the Buckeyes were back on the practice field yesterday and are practicing all week.  Season or no season, Ryan Day is going to maximize the 20 hours they have weekly all fall to maximize this team so that whenever the toddlers making decisions decide to play nice… the Silver Bullets will be ready.

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