9/3/20 – What We Are Hearing

Major Momentum for Fall Season

B1G Presidents are holding a vote (another vote? Or first official vote? Or a consensus conversation?) tomorrow via Zoom on reinstating the Season. Early October, Post-Thanksgiving and January 1 start dates are all on the table for the B1G season opener. This will be the official announcement for the season start date… finally some progress. Momentum is rapidly pushing support for the start date to come earlier after the overwhelming (and unexpected?) explosion of outrage by players, parents, and fans regarding the premature cancellation of the season. Not to mention Donald Trump’s pledge to assist with the newly approved rapid antigen tests came at the most opportune time. These are the reasons B1G Presidents are stating the new interest in pushing the start date of the season up. But we believe that is just them towing the company line. The real reason this season has new life has been alluded to all over social media. It’s CYA at its finest on the NCAA level.

Big Ten attorney Andrew Luger put out that “harm would be incredible” if the FOIA request from Tom Mars to release documentation around the decision to cancel the season was granted and made public. What could they possibly be hiding?  Let’s just say… this isn’t the first time one president would be exposed. Mark Schlissel has been caught with his democratic pants down before (If you didn’t know, click here) and rumor has it, this time it’s FAR worse.  His opinions (along with a handful of presidents) on the politics of cancelling the season, the amateurism of athletes and football in general would be the final nail in his careers coffin.  Furthermore the B1G conference submitted a sworn affidavit that the vote was 11-3, and two “voters” have publicly denounced said vote. Someone is lying and if it’s the conference, under oath, this could be a colossal problem (it’s called perjury) for the B1G.

Now the B1G is facing a major decision. Tuck their tail between their legs, admit they were wrong and reinstate the season to get Tom Mars off his witch hunt… or face the music for what they have done and deal with the blowback (that will be tremendous).  Adding to that issue is the judgment that hit the news yesterday that the B1G conference is to produce the documents around the “vote” by September 12th.

The proposition will be to reinstate a full fall schedule.  Four teams will opt out; Maryland, Rutgers, Illinois and Michigan State.  The remaining 10 teams will play an 8 game schedule.  The only item up for conversation is will they (can they) get it set up and done to execute it in October?  Or should the initial plan of after thanksgiving be the move?  It is not only possible to start in early October, it might be career ending for the powers at be to NOT.

Coaches Are Preparing and Teams are Practicing

The consensus amongst the six coaching staffs we have spoken to is unanimous.  “We don’t know shit.  What are you hearing?” In the history of the B1G conference there has never been a more disastrous situation that lacked transparency, leadership or communication. The fact Kevin Warren has yet to consult a single football coach is the main reason he needs to resign immediately. Wayne Duke would have had a conference call with Bo Schembechler and Woody Hayes. Jim Delaney would have contacted Urban Meyer, Jim Harbaugh and James Franklin. Kevin Warren is consulting the pictures of himself in the shrine in his home office.  Ryan Day, for one, had enough.

Football teams get 20 hours a week for football “in-season” and on Monday the Buckeyes were on the practice field preparing to go six straight days of full practice. Why?  Because a season is immenent?  No.  They have ZERO insight into any start date but the objective was clear… whether they play in October, November or January, they were not going to allow programs in the SEC, ACC or Big 12 stack 20 hours of development week in, week out leading into the 2021 season. Those hours are vital for the development of next years team as much as preparation for a weekly opponent. Cleats were laced up, helmets were buckled tight and Ryan Day and staff took his team to the turf and got back to work.

Always True

Epstein didn’t kill himself.  Bert McMurphy looks like a child molester.  Paul Finebaum watches Nick Saban press conference clips for pleasure.  Yahoo! Sportswriters want football cancelled and you to be miserable.  This cancellation was politically motivated.  The End.

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