A Letter to Ohio State: From a Georgia Fan

Hey numb nuts, get your act together. Seriously, we’re waiting on you. We’ve suffered for the past six months through this garbage virus, with the hope of college football as the light at the end of the tunnel. I know you’re sick of your compadres in the Big 10 and would like to see Kevin Warren sentenced to sandpapering a wildcat’s balls in a phone booth. I get it. You deserve football, especially after last year when Clemson beat you again. Sorry, couldn’t resist, but we’re as shocked as you are that Clemson apparently invented football in the last 10 years; at least that’s what their fans would have us believe. We hate Alabama like you hate Clemson, and you probably hate Alabama, too. We should be friends, but we aren’t because of the whole Justin Fields thing. Time and a little therapy can fix that, though.

Ohio State is loaded. We get that. Nobody else in the Big Ten is a serious title contender, so if your season stays canceled, it’s no big deal to us. Georgia has to deal with Bama in week three, and probably again in December at some point, then Clemson if both get that far (Georgia likely won’t). Georgia fans will take a national title after 40 years of misery even if it comes with an asterisk. Every other fan base in the SEC, ACC or Big 12 would say the same. But we don’t want to hear Buckeye fans always say, “Well, you didn’t beat us.”

Georgia could use Fields this year, obviously. The current QB situation is J.T. Daniels and Dwan Mathis. Not a great spot to be in after Jamie Newman up and quit, but the defense is legit and can win 9 or 10 games with ball-control offense. Fields deserves to get one more year at Ohio State and then go get his money, which he’s going to do regardless. Props to him for wanting to play. He deserves to face Georgia, which would draw huge ratings, or Alabama or whoever. Warren’s decision isn’t fair to him or anybody else in the Big Ten who has to watch their commissioner down in Starkville as his son plays at Mississippi State. That may be the most idiotic hypocrisy I’ve ever seen.

Keep pushing. Do what you have to do to make this thing happen. We’re pulling for you (OK, maybe some of us aren’t), because we think we can beat you, and you think you can beat us. Only one way to know for sure. Ohio State’s offense vs. a Bama/Georgia defense or a rematch with Clemson would be a great end to the season. Oklahoma can’t win a playoff game, so we damn sure don’t want to see a second Big 12 team in, and we don’t want Bama or a second SEC team in the playoffs either (unless it’s Georgia, and then it’s only fair after Bama got a free pass in ‘18). No offense, Notre Dame, but we know what you’ll do, so that’s a hard pass.

Best of luck on a season. It doesn’t look good right now, but stranger things have happened. Hell, if Fields can get an immediate transfer waiver while claiming racism, but his sister is perfectly fine with staying at that same university, anything can happen.

Sorry, still a little salty. May need more therapy. Go America. Go Buckeyes. Go to hell Kevin Warren.

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