Episode #148 – BuckeyeScoop! Who are the Moles?

NevadaBuck has wisemen. Who are they?

Bill Green details the EPIC failures in recruiting CB’s for the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Kirk Barton sounds off on the Offensive Line, Coach Stud and Coach Ryan Day recruiting offensive lineman!

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  • Posted April 12, 2021 4:34 pm 0Likes
    by Tom Adelsberg

    Glad you’re part of Buckeye Scoop……because of that I started listening to your podcast, love your style! But more importantly just want to say I’m a big supporter of yours, loved how you handled the hit piece by Murphy. Thought that was F’d up what him and Herman did, glad you exposed them. When it comes to Family and livelihood, I would’ve done the same thing. Anyways, keep up the great work and look forward to your podcasts and seeing you on the Scoop.

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